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Here You Go*

[HYG] Here You Go* | Clan Page
H E R E - Y O U - G O

Welcome to Clan HYG*

Clan HYG* was created on February 2021 by PeppCake.

We are dedicated to playing on UGC-Gaming.Net Servers - Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike 2.

Hello and welcome to HYG*. My name is Sabrina and I come from Germany. I opened HYG* as a friends server in October 2020. we were around 10 friends. in February 2021 i decided to open the clan to show my ideas about clan friends and family .~


Most in HYG* are Counter Strike 1.6 players but we also have other games like CSGO / PUBG we are also open to other games. We also train together every 2 weekends HYG VS HYG (fun and train). not war Interested players can also take part of our Game. we are ready to support loyal and good players in many ways . . .

Clan Leaders

HYG* [PeppCake] 👑
HYG* [Zeca Sylar]
HYG* [JoKeR N01]
HYG* [K!CK$T@R*]

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UGC | Dust2 Only #1 (24/7) AWP On | Europe
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